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The Elven Home

The premier issue of Dungeon magazine (September/October, 1986) contains a four-page Basic D&D wilderness scenario, written by Anne Gray McCready.

Illustration by Valerie Valusek, from Dungeon #1 (Sept/Oct 1986)

Intended as a side-trek for a party of 1-4 characters of 1st to 3rd levels, the action takes place during a wilderness journey through forested hills.

The elven home described in the adventure is only one of several elven dwellings in the area, and can be located within any temperate, forested hex.

About the Author:

Gray McCready's first assignment was to edit the Mentzer Basic edition of the D&D Basic Set (uncredited).  She earned a byline in the credits for the Mentzer Expert, Companion, and Master DM's books (as Anne C. Gray) as well as the Immortals Rules (as Anne Gray McCready).

Anne Gray McCready's biographical sketch was accidentally dropped from her module, though readers of Dragon magazine may recall her "Profiles" appearance in issue #111 (page 65).  Anne has long been a fan of elves, as anyone who has read D&D game module CM5, "Mystery of the Snow Pearls", is aware.  Anne has left game editing at TSR, Inc., to work in our marketing department.  Her game design and development credits include projects as diverse as the Conan game and the All My Children board game.  A resident of Williams Bay, Wisconsin, Anne recently finished RS1, Red Sonja Unconquered, an AD&D game module featuring the flame-haired swordswoman.

Dungeon #2 (November/December, 1986)

Reader Feedback:

But tell me, what is the point of something like "The Elven Home" [issue 1]?  It's four pages long, and all the PCs can do is look around and say "How neat.  Thor ties his shoes and continues to look for the dragon's cave."

Hal Looby, Philadelphia PA
Dungeon #15 (January/February, 1989)

Finnish Version:

Interestingly, "The Elven Home" was used in place of "The Treasure of the Hideous One" in the Finnish version of AC2 (published in 1988):

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