Saturday, November 25, 2023

DA3: Rogues, Regents, and Rascals

DA3 "City of the Gods" includes lengthy descriptions of several NPCs (most of whom were previously described in DA1 "Adventures in Blackmoor"):

Captain Bork Reisling

Captain Bork Reisling (F10, Neutral)

captain of the Federation Survey Ship Beagle

Umra Dir (C10, Chaotic)

appears in DA4 "The Duchy of Ten"

The remaining entries cover NPCs previously described in DA1 (some edited more than others):
Bosero the Drunkard (M14, Lawful; John Snider)

Brother Richard, the Flying Monk (C11, Lawful; Richard Snider)

Fletcher William, the Fetch (F14, Lawful; Ken Fletcher)

Jallapierie (M17, Lawful)

Marfeldt the Barbarian (F16, Chaotic; Marshall Hoegfeldt)

The Peshwan Na Shepro, Baron of Dragonia (F13, Lawful; Ken Shepro)

Robert the Bald (M19, Lawful; Bob Meyer)

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