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DA4: Geography of the West

Module DA4 "The Duchy of Ten" involves a mission into the lands west of Blackmoor, recently conquered by the Afridhi.

The lands west of Blackmoor (red box) as depicted on Map 1 "The Northlands" from DA4 "The Duchy of Ten" (1987).

The map in DA4 is the same as the map in DA1, with a few additions:

  • a network of Afridhi forts connected by military roads in the Empty Lands (Fort Sherpur, Fort Khost, Fort Peiwar, and Fort Wazir)
  • Tor Kurram in the Barrens of Karsh
  • two pairs of Afridhi forts and camps in the Plains of Hak (Fort Jamud and Camp Mahsud, Fort Jank and Camp Orakzai)

Geography of the West:

The module provides descriptions for each of the following regions:

The Duchy of Ten

The Plains of Hak*

*see also the "Riders of Hak" (2007) sourcebook, part of the Zeitgeist Games d20 series of Blackmoor supplements

The Empty Lands

Detailed encounter tables are provided for each of the following areas:
The Barrens of Karsh

The Barrier Swamp

The Duchy of Ten

The Eaves

The Empty Lands

The Gargoyle Hills

The Glens

The Great Dismal Swamp/Brushy Fen

The Hills of Ten

The Ocean

The Plains of Hak

The Wilds of Ten

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