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JG 113: The Book of Treasure Maps

"The Book of Treasure Maps" is a collection of 5 mini-dungeons published by Judges Guild, written and illustrated by Jennell Jaquays, for use with D&D.

Cover to JG 113 "The Book of Treasure Maps" (1979) by Jennell Jaquays.  The cover photograph is discussed in this interview on Grogtalk (July 6, 2021; starting at 02:08:26)

Four of the scenarios are explicitly situated in the Judges Guild "Wilderlands of High Fantasy" setting, while the fifth is generic.

Although recommended levels are not provided, I would regard these as intermediate level adventures, appropriate for character levels 5-9.

As with "The Caverns of Thracia", the first three of the five scenarios include rumor tables.

The Lost Temple:

"The Lost Temple" is located on Campaign Map #10: Lenap, from JG 67 "The Fantastic Wilderlands Beyonde"

An ancient temple, hidden deep within the jungle, is described.  The Eldritch Wizardry supplement is referenced.

The Tomb of Aethering the Damned:

"The Tomb of Aethering the Damned" is located on Campaign Map #9: Elphand Lands, from JG 67 "The Fantastic Wilderlands Beyonde"

A tomb, hidden behind a mountain waterfall, is described.  (See this review from 2015 for discussion on this adventure).

The Lone Tower:

"The Lone Tower" is located in the Forest of the Crying Wood, on Campaign Map #4: Tarantis, from JG 48 "Wilderlands of High Fantasy"

Also known as Clearmoon Castle, this is a phenomenal adventure.

Selena, Lady Clearmoon

For years, I've searched for something appropriate to use for the ruins of Wereskalot on the map of the Grand Duchy of Karameikos from the 1981 Expert Set.

"The Lone Tower" has a resonant B/X vibe, and is the perfect fit.

Willchidar's Well:

"Willchidar's Well" is located on Campaign Map #12: Isles of the Blest, from JG 92 "Wilderlands of the Magic Realm"

A page from "Missionary Tidings of the Church of the Holy One"

An imprisoned demon lord is described, making this one of the tougher adventures.

The Crypts of Arcadia:

Like "The Caverns of Thracia" this adventure is not located on the Judges Guild world, although would fit well in the Empire of Thyatis in the Known World/Mystara setting.

"The Crypts of Arcadia" are designed as a living, not a static, dungeon.  Both encounters and room contents are randomly determined.

Concluding Thoughts:

Jaquays departed Judges Guild shortly after completing "The Book of Treasure Maps", having worked there for only one year.

See this review from 2017, for more discussion on "The Book of Treasure Maps"

Judges Guild went on to publish JG 320 "The Book of Treasure Maps II" (1980) and JG 990 "The Book of Treasure Maps III" (1982).

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